Trouble with Sleep


The trouble with sleep…

It’s hibernation time! I thought I’d rip a page (literally, it starts on page 178!) right out of my own book, Make a Shift, Change Your Life to talk about sleeping tips since it seems to be a constant incoming questions these days. Hope it helps!

Many of my clients have said that I “saved their life,” both health- and relationship-wise, after they implemented the suggestions I made regarding sleep.

Some clients didn’t really even know they were not getting enough sleep until they got some quality shut-eye, they were so used to feeling sleep deprived.


The Sleep Balancer


Right up there with water and food, sleep is obviously vital for a healthy body. It is also very closely connected to relationships and relationship-building, if you’ve never connected the dots on that before.

I can’t tell you how e not getting enough sleep until they got some quality shut-eye, they were so used to feeling sleep deprived.

When I was in college, I ran so consistently sleep-deprived that I started to think of sleeping every night as a waste of time—even though I literally fell asleep walking and started hallucinating once! I was in the habit of only sleeping every third night for almost a whole semester, one time even going totally sleepless for five days (the hallucinating time mentioned above). That’s messed up! So, I’ve been there, and I know how mentally unsettling and unbalancing it can be.

Here are some signs sleep-deprived people usually show but don’t connect to lack of sleep. Can you relate to any of these?

  1. You have trouble with spatial relationship tasks, like de-cluttering and organizing, for example.
  2. You think or have been told by others that you have a drinking problem.
  3. You have been told that you snore or hold your breath while you sleep, or you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea.
  4. You fall asleep while sitting up rather quickly after sitting down or even driving.
  5. Your mind does not want to “turn off” at night, and you find yourself having trouble falling or staying asleep.
  6. You consistently feel anxious or like you can’t handle stress—quite often not even knowing exactly what you are anxious over.
  7. You have poor memory, concentration, and decision-making—even risky behavior—and possibly other mental health issues.
  8. You have depression, burnout, decreased empathy, mood swings, vision and motor skills issues, high blood pressure, weakened immune function, and the various associated medical issues that arise from immune deficiency.
  9. Your appetite is increased. (There is clear evidence of a link between obesity and lack of sleep.)
  10. You have multiple accidents or consider yourself clumsy.
  11. You’ve been assigned the couch or other sleeping space by your partner, or your partner has bugged out due to your sleep deprivation issues.

Now that I probably have your attention, here are a few suggestions:

Investigate environmental and other changes that have occurred since the time you did sleep well. What are the differences in yourself, your habits, or your environment that have occurred between the time when you last slept well and now? Did you exercise more then? Did you consume less caffeine then? Did you (or a neighbor) add a wireless transmitter in your home? (If your neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal is noticed on your computer, you are in their wireless field.) Did you start charging your cell phone at night next to your bed? Did you paint the room a different color? Did you change your bedding to more synthetic materials? Did you have a baby? Do you have a pesticide service coming now that you didn’t have then? Did you start or stop taking a drug or herbs? Have you stopped a relaxing hobby or your meditation practice? Did you get divorced, and are you now sleeping alone? Did your spouse start snoring? Pinpointing the nuances that contribute to good sleep and bad sleep can potentially mean simple changes if you think this way. (All of the above and then some can be contributing factors.) Once again, work the trial and error method—make one of the following changes and see if it improves your sleep. If not, then move on to the next one.

  1. Track your sleep and see if your waking hours run consistent with the moon cycles. If so, you will probably notice less sound sleep when the moon is fuller.
  2. Avoid caffeine and other “yang” substances like recreational drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and excessive sugar or carbs. Sleeping is connected to more yin attributes. Even simply exchanging your bedtime sweet snack (yang) to a salty one (yin) could help—get it?
  3. Experiment by turning off all the electricity in the home before retiring to bed. You may just be reacting to your electrically “hopped-up” house. (Don’t worry, the food stays cold enough in the fridge overnight.) If your ability to sleep improves, each night turn on another breaker, and see if that particular breaker’s worth of electrical circuitry seems to negatively affect your sleep.

Keep turning on more and more breakers, or swap them around off and on systematically until you figure out which ones can be on, and in what combination, without affecting your sleep. This is a trial and error-type method for sure, but one that you can do for free and on your                 own. (Unfortunately, if you rent, you probably have adjacent tenant spaces that you have no control over.) I would also suggest removing the television from the room if it is still in there.

If you have control over your space, and you indeed saw considerable improvement by cutting off electricity at certain breakers (usually in your bedroom), consider hiring an electrician to install a “demand switch” for the bedroom. A demand switch gives you the ability to turn off              and on the electricity to the whole room right in the room as opposed to having to go to the breaker box/circuit panel, so you have easy access to and control over the electrical fields and electromagnetic fields surrounding you at night.

  1. If you can’t “turn your brain off” at night, try this home-remedy: soak your feet in warm water before retiring to bed. This pulls your energy downward and out of your head.
  2. A traditional feng shui cure for temporary insomnia is to place a stone on the floor near the head of the bed to add the energy of stillness (“to sleep like a rock”) for a number of nights (9, 18, or 27).
  3. If you always find yourself rehashing the past instead of being in the present moment, remove any mirrors that are on walls that are consistently behind you where you spend a lot of time, such as the headboard wall in your bedroom or behind your desk. It may be the case that the offending mirror is simply on the back wall of the house.
  4. Block out noises by hanging a wind chime between your bed and the offending noise. The chime can be hung all the way out along your property line if the noise is located off of your property.
  5. If none of these changes works, you might consider seeing a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, a doctor, or a feng shui consultant (or all three!) to see if there is anything else they can see that you are missing.

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  • Jeannette November 7, 2017 at 9:14 am

    Hi Karen,

    I was wondering if there is something I can do (add/remove etc.) when you move to a house that is always infested with insects?

    I moved here a few years ago, and that winter I woke up to find a congo line of ants running across my floor. Owner did not believe me, but I still get them in the thousand every six months. I did the normal stuff but it is only temporary.

    Because of plumbing issues, I had springtails for two years. Carpenter ants for the last two summers. Spiders (always) and when I clean them out more move back in.

    This year I have a new bug infestation, carpet beetle larvae. I barely have any carpets! They loved my towels, which I had to throw out. They obviously were a problem before because I found some sealed in the varnish on the floor. Plus, a year after moving in, I received mail addressed to a prior occupant informing them that their 5-year guarantee for a pest free home was almost up.

    I realize these infestations were before I moved here, I am just hoping that you might have some advice on how I can prevent them. I also wonder, can personal issues cause these types of infestation? I am long term unemployed.

    I bought your books a year after moving here, and applied some of your techniques, but I ran out of money. I did all the stuff you said to do to get a job, and had tons of interviews. Most of these were 2nd and 3rd interviews too. After each of these 2nd and 3rd interviews I received invites to come in. Then nothing…. I never ever had this problem before, I always aced personal interviews but since moving here:

    1. I gained, lost and regained weight. Lost stage was when I applied your techniques.
    2. Family holidays some stopped coming and started their own. That I do not mind, but for years I held a certain holiday, and the first year I moved here they never showed up. They know I am alone and have yet to invite me. I feel now maybe all this ties into this place? Before moving here, these same “close” relatives would call me and make sure I was going to having the holiday, and what time dinner was going to be. I know they love me, but this is weird.
    3. My mild case of ocd is now in over drive
    4. I know it may seem strange but my hair and looks are very dull now. I think that is affecting my job prospects.

    I am about to use the Epson Salt technique you suggested because, well you know.

    I am trying not to dwell, but oh my goodness. Help


  • Karen November 7, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    Hi Jeanette, I don’t know where you live, but I would recommend finding a good a dowser who knows how to clear “black streams” or geopathic stress. It sounds to me like the land that you are living upon might have that…just a thought. I have powerful land blessing rituals to use and sometimes I even do remote clearings, but given the infestations and all, I’d like to have you see if you can find someone who can check that. Yep – I’m going with geopathic stress that needs a little “earth acupuncture!”

  • Jeannette Wojcik November 8, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    Hi, I am not the Jeannette that sent this email. Really strange though, because the house I used to live in had a roach infestation and I wish I had known what to do! We moved to the country and I have never seen so many spiders! My daughter is visiting from Colorado Springs for two months while her husband is deployed, so I am enjoying her 18 mo and 3 year old. We are big fans of yours and your book is being put to good use trying to fend shui my new house. She is so much better at it than I am and we are really trying to get the “health” section figured out. It’s a ranch with an open concept, when you walk in the door you are in the great room facing the kitchen and dining room. I had Lyme disease last year and back and feet issues and weight gain, so my health section is critical! Can’t wait to get it all organized using your wonderful advice. Thanks for the great newsletters! Ps I live in Monroe GA I go by Jan

  • Jeannette November 10, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you so much. I will check to see if there is anyone in the area.

    The geographic stress makes sense too. About 1/2 foot from my front door there is a major crack running the length of my building. Also, I think you mentioned something about airports and what that energy can do. Well there is a small airport very close by and they allow smaller sized jets to take off and land there. Since I am in the their direct path, the jets landing and taking off fly over me and are barely above the trees. Talk about house rocking.

    You are the best, just writing you the other day I felt this great improvement in my energy.

    I will let you know how I make out.


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