Are Toilets Bad Feng Shui?

Question: How do I activate my wealth corner if a toilet is there? I do keep the toilet lid closed at all times but what should I place in that corner so that wealth is retained?

Answer: Good feng shui, bad feng shui, I know I scared half the world to death when I declared that toilets are a serious no-no in the prosperity gua (AKA, the back left-hand area of a room or building,) so let me at least try to rectify the situation with a little discussion about balancing toilets ANYWHERE, and then we’ll talk about the prosperity gua:

As you know, I don’t fix anything that “ain’t broken” so reflect on how long you’ve lived in the house and what has happened in your prosperity life while there. I say this because you may have counterbalancing measures in place and you don’t even know it! If you feel you could still use some enhancements, think about this:

Toilets take things away from the house. Try to prevent the good from going out with the bad.

My advice here when I do telephone and on-site feng shui consultations with my clients is to intend that the good chi of your home stay, and the negative chi go – Intend this while performing a ritual like: Use traditional feng shui cures by possibly placing red tape or ribbon around the toilet and the out-going pipes of the sink. You can also hang a crystal over a toilet with the intention of dispersing the chi horizontally so it doesn’t collectively go vertically down the drain. You can also use a small mirror on top of the toilet tank (or even inside the tank under the water, mirror side facing up) with the intention of reflecting the chi upward in this “downward pull zone.”

Toilets, as well as sinks and showers have a specific downward pulling energetic pattern – so they equal “water element” from feng shui’s five element point of view – so try to balance the overabundance of water element in these rooms.

My advice here is to not add more water element in the room or area. Stay away from decorating the bathroom with seashells, fish, ocean scenes, nautical themes, blues, black, etc. that symbolize more water element.  Decorate with items that depict earth energies (remember earth muddies the water in the destructive cycle) by using yellows, and earth tones, ceramic accessories, actual stones or rocks, mountains and earthy scenes in the art, etc. You can also decorate in fire element and “up stuff” as it exhibits an upward energetic vibrating pattern. This will start to counterbalance all the “down” that is currently going on in the bathroom. Use red tones and candles to add fire. The Sanseveria plant is a good choice to help keep the chi up. Have art that depicts “up stuff” like airplanes, hot air balloons, clouds, birds, helium-filled balloons, or the sun or stars (both fiery and up!). I think you get the picture here.

For most people, the perceptions of toilets are “dirty,” and “unsanitary,” and seen with our subconscious thought patterns as a “negative” item. Try to balance this negative symbol.

Use clean and fresh symbols like fresh flowers, fresh-scented candles, and for goodness sake, keep the bathroom clean. No mold growing on the curtain or windowsill, no toothpaste splatters on the mirror, no dirty laundry on the floor, etc.

If you make sure your bathrooms (no matter where they are in the house) are balanced, your prosperity, no doubt, will benefit.

Now, let’s talk about the fact that we want to actually enhance the prosperity gua and not simply counterbalance the bathroom.

My first thought is to check out the prosperity gua of EACH ROOM in the house. The bagua of the room is actually more powerful than the bagua of the house (I know, this is not in my book – I apologize! There’s a lot of stuff that’s not in there – it’s a small book! so check for weaknesses and strengths in these other areas. My second thought is to remind you that a gua is the entire one-ninth of a room or home, so try not to get caught up in the exact corner where the two walls meet, or along the wall of the guas that don’t have house corners in them. Say there’s a toilet there. I’ll bet your home is bigger than a grid of nine toilets. You’ve probably got a whole bunch of other space to work with. And remember the rule that it doesn’t have to be seen to work! Hide purple (the prosperity color) if it doesn’t fit into your design scheme. Place a powerful prosperity symbol in a drawer. It’s still there even if your eyeballs don’t see it!

And finally, I’d suggest checking your thoughts on prosperity.

Thoughts of prosperity include gratitude, giving, freedom, love, and joy just to name a few. Thoughts that drive prosperity away include fear, an “I want” or a “what’s in it for me” or an “It’s mine” mentality. A great first step to receiving is giving – and giving freely – without depressing “I can’t afford this” or “ I don’t trust the universe” attitude. If you need help unwinding your negative thoughts, just let me know and I’ll be glad to coach you out of them and into positive ones.

I hope I helped. Be sure to check out the feng shui product links and feng shui consulting option links if you need that kind of help.


  • Karen March 3, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    Possibly add earth element? I’m not sure how much energy you need or what you are trying to change in your life…follow the Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life book for more info…good luck!

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